February 2, 2022 (Calgary, AB): Robertson College has adopted a new program delivery model to give more learners access to training and upskilling amid an intensifying labour shortage across Canada. Robertson’s new Complementary Learning is a response to the changing needs of learners and employers who are navigating through a new world of work involving health orders, worker absences and talent shortages.

“Prior to the pandemic, we were already seeing a shift in the world of work. Now, combined with the impact of isolations, burnout and the Great Resignation, businesses across the country are in need of talent to keep their operations running,” says Liz Choi, CEO of Robertson’s parent company, Education Canada Group. “We want to help businesses tackle this challenge by training and upskilling talent to meet these labour needs.”

The Complementary Learning model encompasses a variety of ways for learners to interact with content, instructors and peers so that learning can take place when and where it works for the learners. Instruction is delivered mostly online and essential hands-on training is conducted on-campus. Learners are not bound by their location or schedules – two of the biggest barriers to pursuing post-secondary education.

“By moving instruction online, we allow our learners to learn in a way that complements the other responsibilities they may have in their life,” says Terena Caryk, Vice President, Product and Operations at Robertson College. “At a time when many of us are pulled in so many directions, purposeful learning that leads to meaningful work is more valued than ever.”

Along with shorter duration times, rolling intake dates throughout the year and a growing repertoire of affordable micro credentials that can be completed on their own schedule, Robertson is reimagining traditional post-secondary education delivery and continuing education for today’s market and learner demands.

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