About Us

In July of 2017, Education Consolidation Corporation officially became Education Canada Group. With this evolution also came a new vision for the future. In recognizing the new challenges and opportunities available in the private education sector, we set out to redefine the purpose, vision, and values of our company. Our vision is to build on our core values and continue to focus on academic achievement and professional excellence. We aim to take this company’s success to a new level, and in doing so, provide more opportunities for growth for current and future team members of ECG, and most importantly, for our online and on-campus students. Our students and graduates will excel in their chosen fields and contribute value to the workforce. ECG through Robertson College has better graduation and employment rate success than most private colleges, which is a constant issue for all private colleges – this presents an opportunity for ECG to get government and regulator approvals to assist efforts to expand in other areas. ECG has a first mover advantage among private colleges in online courses. ECG has a solid platform, developed in technology and processes for admissions, recruitment, marketing and training, to build from.

Background on ECG

2011 Education Canada Group (ECG), renamed from Education Consolidated Corporation (ECC) in July 2017, was established in January 2011 by Maxim Partners of Chicago, USA to acquire and expand private post-secondary colleges in Canada. Robertson College Inc. (RCI) was its first acquisition in 2011. 1911 ECG and Robertson College are headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Robertson College started offering training in 1911 and has campuses in Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba and in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, as well as an online division. Robertson has a well established brand in Manitoba. Robertson College is committed to providing practical, quality education and training to help ensure its student graduates are ready for a career. Curricula approved by government and industry are used, and professional instructors bring real world experience into the classroom to better prepare students for their chosen fields. Student starts are over 3,000 annually. Approximately two-thirds of current students are new Canadians, providing an international dimension to ECG.