Liz Choi wants teams to #CelebrateEverything at Education Canada Group

December 22, 2021 (Calgary, AB): Liz Choi, newly appointed CEO of Education Canada Group (ECG), parent company to Robertson College launches the #CelebrateEverything initiative to allow team members across its Canadian campuses to take up to 2 additional paid days off to celebrate cultural, spiritual, or religious holidays.

The #CelebrateEverything campaign is part of the Winn Love initiative, spearheaded by Dr. R. Abdulrehman, Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Clinic Psychology Manitoba.

The campaign recognizes the diverse cultural holidays that members of the ECG and Robertson teams celebrate throughout the year. The aim of the campaign is to bring focus to the fact that not all holidays are celebrated or experienced by everyone in the same way and by directing our focus to these holidays only, it intentionally isolates individuals in workplaces, in education, and in society.

“Getting days off is not special treatment. We live in a very homogenized and colonized society where there is a pressure to be the same and a higher value is placed on what the majority is doing, and that includes how and what we share of our own identity and traditions. Expanding our flexibility makes space for the health and happiness of our society. Within the ‘New World of Work’, we are striving towards at Robertson & ECG, we are always moving towards that next level of growth for our teams, and that includes matching diverse holidays with the same vigor.”

Choi believes intentional efforts towards #CelebrateEverything will only bring more energy, excitement, and joy into the workplace.  ECG and Robertson team members across its campuses in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg will begin to #CelebrateEverything starting in 2022.



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